Stream For Big Money Seminar

You dont need a Live Streaming Service to stream a show on your website. Live streaming Services are extremely expensive and with today’s technology and web coding, its unnecessary in most circumstances.

During our 4 hour seminar you will get the tools to create your own program to stream on your website for all the world to see. You will also learn about how huge profits are being made this way.

What you will learn:

  • How audiences are moving from TV to online TV
  • What types of shows make money
  • How to market your show
  • How to monetize your online TV show
  • Basics of producing a successful show
  • How to choose your show
  • How ‘live’ streaming works
  • Streaming your show on a schedule- not video on demand(VOD)
  • Why quasi live streaming is better than true live streaming
  • Why hosting your own show is better than Youtube
  • How CPM’s work for TV shows


When you will receive:

  • The Live Streaming guide book
  • A CD with video Tutorials
  • The ‘Live” streaming code for your website



Price: $500


Compare prices for starting a “live” streaming show on your website and you will discover the seminar is a bargain.


Complete Seminar Details:

Hour One:  About Online TV

  • How viewers are moving to online programs
  • The future of TV networks
  • Live scheduled programs
  • How live TV works
  • Costs of live streaming
  • Why streaming on your own website is better than Youtube
  • Large amounts of money to be made


Hour Two: Types & Genres of Shows

  • Popular types of shows
  • Genres of shows
  • How to create YOUR show
  • Basics of production & equipment
  • What makes a winning show


Hour Three: Marketing & Monetization

  • Marketing your show online
  • Traditional marketing strategies
  • Facebook marketing
  • Getting free publicity
  • How to make money from your show
  • How CPM’s work in the TV industry
  • Monetizing strategies
  • Using Google Analytics for advertisers


Hour Four: Technical Aspects of Streaming

  • Solid Web Hosting
  • Types of files used
  • Software for video
  • The streaming code itself
  • How to modify the code
  • Where on your website all the code goes
  • How to use the accompanying CD
  • How to use the video tutorials